Archives: March 2015

Viking Triangle Walking History Tour

Did you know that the following people are connected to Waterford City? General George Armstrong Custer, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull Montezuma, Shaka Zulu and Xerxes Spartans, Aborigines and Conquistadors Stephen Elliott of our School Completion Programme gave the boys an excellent talk on some of Waterford’s most famous people, Thomas Francis Meagher, William Vincent Wallace and Luke Wadding and connected their life stories to events and tribes around the world. It was a glorious sunny day in our beautiful and amazingly interesting city. Thanks Stephen!

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Mount Sion’s Annual Project Competition

As in nature, Spring time also sees the corridors of our school burst into life in a crescendo of colour! Yes it's our Annual School Project time and the Trojan work of the past two months now adorns every nook and cranny of walls, floors and ceilings. Get ready to see how talented, diligent and creative our boys really are...

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