Working Together

Today was a fantastic day for our senior classes. Not only did our sixth class have a history walk, both 6th and 5th classes had the most interesting learning experience in the beautiful surrounds of the Ship Room of the Monastery! Both classes have been studying the life of an inspirational young Pakistani girl named Malala Yousafzai, a young girl shot by the Taliban for championing the right to equality and education for all. In conjunction with this learning, Ms McGailey arranged for both classes to get a lecture from Pakistani native, our own Brother Kevin from the Edmund Rice Centre. He delivered a most interesting presentation on his homeland which had the boys engrossed. He then introduced us to two modern day heroes from Afghanistan, Homayoon and Quadratullah. These two men are former workers with our own NGO, Concern and they spent much time trying to bring education to the children of their homeland, sometimes in the face of the most extraordinary dangers. They lost many colleagues and friends and their work and heroism really struck a chord with the boys. Thank you to Brother Kevin and his colleagues for a most enriching learning experience! It is something that I am sure will have had a most positive impact on the boys.

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VEX IQ Challenge 2017

The competition is divided into four parts: 1. A STEM Rearch project - Our research on 'Robotics in the Community' was carried out in school and Bausch and Lomb, Waterford. We made a video of our findings. This is available on our website and Facebook Page.  2. A Robotic Journal - We kept a 135 page journal of how we researched and made our robot.  3. The VEX IQ challenge - The boys will have to drive our robot in two competitions. 50 schools will take part. The robot will also have to perform autonomously. Our team of programmers (boys in Room 22) have worked hard to program our robot to work on it's own. 

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