Mount Sion Primary School

We love where we live and we love Mount Sion Primary School.


We are very proud of our school and its history


About us

Mount Sion Primary School was founded by Brother Edmund Ignatius Rice in 1802. It provided then, as it does to this day, a quality education for the young boys of Waterford city… About us

Sport and Activities

In Mount Sion, education is not confined to the classroom. From the earliest years our children are encouraged and enabled to engage in a wide range of activities and sporting pursuits… Sport and Activities

Mount Sion Pre School and Play School where all the fun starts.




Pre School

Preschool caters for children from three years to school going age. The preschool is an ideal place to prepare children for their journey to primary school. FREE preschool places are available to children born between 2nd Feb 2009- 30th June 2010. Pre School


Play School

Playschool caters for children from two years and six months upwards. This is a gentle introduction into an early years setting. The routine is similar to preschool but with more emphasis on free play. Play School

Please browse our activities gallery to get just a flavour of our active school!