Mrs. O' Connor

Mrs. O' Connor

3rd Class Mrs. O’Connor

There are lots hardworking boys in third class. You will find us upstairs in Room 20.

Our class is full of interesting, talented, creative, athletic and humorous personalities.

Each day we try our best to be the best that we can be!


Teacher: Mrs. O’ Connor

Bio: My name is Dearbhla O’Connor and I have been teaching in Mount Sion Primary School for almost ten years now.

I am lucky enough this year to be teaching the wonderful boys in third class and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Each and every day is different with new and varying challenges and achievements. There is never a dull day in Room 20, that is one thing for sure!

Mount Sion Boys Attend Waterford Primary School Athletics Competition.

Congratulations to our athletes. They preformed extremely well and they represented their school wonderfully. A big thanks to Mrs. Whelan and Mr. O' Brien for taking the boys.

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Mount Sion Project Competition 2015

Here are some wonderful photographs of our Awards Night. Well done to all the boys in Mount Sion on entering a project. A huge thanks to Daniel Sliwa and Ms. Coffey for taking these photographs and sending them on. Congratulations to the boys and their families on receiving these awards.

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Mount Sion’s Annual Project Competition

As in nature, Spring time also sees the corridors of our school burst into life in a crescendo of colour! Yes it's our Annual School Project time and the Trojan work of the past two months now adorns every nook and cranny of walls, floors and ceilings. Get ready to see how talented, diligent and creative our boys really are...

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