How High Can You Read Barbeque

How High Can You Read? is a reading initiative we run during the last term of the year. Every boy tries to read as many books as he can. Each day the boys get their How High Can You Read card signed by their parents or their teacher, the height of the spine of the book is then measured and the height added to a record display outside the classroom door. At the end of the 7 week project one junior class and one senior class were judged as the winners having read the highest amount of books. Our Junior and Senior Infant classes were great readers during the project and they were given their HHCYR? treats on the barbeque day! Congratulations to Ms. Power’s First Class Room 7 and to Ms. Barry’s 4th Class Room 22 who were the winning classes. Both classes were treated to a barbeque in glorious sunshine in the school garden on Wednesday 18th June. Keep reading boys!