Mount Sion Primary School – A 21st Century School of Distinction

Mount Sion Primary – A 21st Century School of Distinction

Our school was one of five schools to receive this award from Trinity College and Google. We are the only primary school in Ireland to receive this award.

This ‘21st Century Schools of Distinction Award’ aims to recognise and showcase the efforts of schools nationwide to transform their school culture and to develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

The scheme recognises extraordinary work being successfully undertaken by our schools.

Our school has been selected by Trinity College, Dublin and Google as a 21st Century School of Distinction this year under the following headings:

  • 21st Century Teaching and Learning Activities

  • Engaging Students with SEN

  • Families as Partners

We received this prestigious award from Trinity College, Dublin because of our innovative and inclusive teaching and learning initiatives.

The independent judging panel considered our approach to 21st Century teaching and learning to be exemplary.

‘The panel were hugely impressed with the range of creative activity taking place in your school.  They considered your approach to 21st Century Teaching and Learning to be exemplary.  They also remarked on the following activities: programming, poetry, each pupil engaging with 80 poems, SEN display, collaboration with post-primary, Bake Off, tolerance & inclusion, family book club, family cooking. The panel concluded you were doing remarkable work.’ – Judging Panel, Trinity College Dublin

Ourschool is a dynamic and vibrant place of learning, involving our pupils, parents, staff and our community.

We have a diverse student population and promote inclusion from Pre School to 6th Class.

As you enter our historic school building you will notice the collaborative atmosphere. You will meet various people. All members of our school community, teachers, parents, staff, students and friends have a contribution to make. We share a common vision to encourage each child to reach their full potential. We offer a holistic education to our students. Our mantra is ‘Education for Life’.

We use 21st Century teaching methodologies to enhance the school experience for our pupils. We believe in a whole-school, team based approach to education.

Our pupils and parents agree with this sentiment. On completion of two recent surveys (April 2016) the following data was collected:

Parent Survey

  • 99% of parents agree that their son’s teacher does a great job.

  • 97% of parents agree that their children enjoy coming to school.

  • 99% of parents agree that their child is motivated by the lessons and activities he experiences at school.

Pupil Survey

  • 95% of pupils agree that their teacher does a great job.

  • 84% of pupils agree that they are motivated by the lessons and activities they experience at

  • 91% of pupils agree that they receive a lot of support from school.