Kali @ Mount Sion Primary School

Kali with Pat Evans

Kali Sikaran is a martial art which belongs to a family of martial arts from the Philippine Islands. It involves the use of 2 to 3 ft sticks which can be used singularly or as a pair.

When using the sticks in a pair, we explore simple drills called ‘Cap Cas’. These involve holding a stick in each hand and tapping the sticks against those of your partner in a predetermined pattern.

It looks very easy but it takes a lot of hand eye coordination. As coordination improves so does the difficulty of the Cap Ca, ensuring the student will always feel challenged.

The name Cap Ca comes from the sound the sticks make when they hit each other. The person gets enjoyment from the physical banging of the sticks and developing a rhythm from the sticks.There are many benefits from practising Cap Cas.
- It is a physical form of exercise, as the movement of the sticks involves a lot of upper body movement.
- It is a great way to practice and improve hand eye coordination.
- It is also a great way to develop patience and determination as it can take a lot of patience to learn each Cap Ca.
- Working together while learning the drills is an invaluable exercise in team work.
- Learning a form of self-defence. The faster the hand moves the sticks the faster the hand can move, deflecting an attack without hurting or harming anyone.
- Also remaining calm and relaxed in the learning of the Cap Cas is important for developing patience and motivation.