September Assembly @ Mount Sion Primary

Assembly @ Mount Sion Primary School

Each month Mr. Walsh holds a Junior Assembly and a Senior assembly. This is an opportunity for us to celebrate our achievements with other classes. Each Mount Sion boy is encouraged to identify personal goals and to work hard to achieve them. These achievements are recognised in these assemblies.   

The assembly topic this month was ‘RESPECT’. Mr. Walsh congratulated all classes on developing respect policies and gave gave out prizes to the winners of ‘The Anti – Bullying Poster and Poem Competition.’

Brilliant Manners Award

Mount Sion boys have been complimented on many occasions for being polite and mannerly. ‘Brilliant Manners’ is a class based award given to the boy who makes the most effort to be mannerly each month. He should be polite to his friends, school staff and any members of  the public that he might meet throughout the month.

Rising Star Award

Mount Sion Primary School recognises when a boy is making an exceptional effort at something. This could be an achievement in his class work, at a sporting event or for working hard overall. There is a special award for this called ‘The Rising Star Award’. This award is credited to a boy from each class each month.

Lining Up Prizes

At our monthly assemblies, Mr Walsh also gives prizes to the classes that have collected the most lining up stars over the past month. If a class is standing in a neat line at the end of each break they receive a star to bring back to class. The classes with the most stars at the end of month get a certificate and prizes in our monthly assembly.

Library Legends

Library Legends is a special award given to the class that show the most respect to our very special library. Each class visits the library once a week at least. Teachers take note of boys being quiet, respecting books and general behaviour. Ask your son if he is a ‘Library Legend’ this month!