School Sports Day – Best Sports Day Ever!

Wow what a difference the weather makes! 6th June a wet and windy day Sports cancelled :( 19th June a lovely warm day and we have the best Sports Day ever :) ! I had the pleasure of spending the day with Mr. O’Brien’s 6th Class as we spent the day from 9:00am to 2:40pm at sporting activities. We began with the Tug-O-War and we discovered that some boys were born to make a difference, the power and strength of Room 13 was awesome! We then went on to Crab Football, Ball Drills and then a really cool Obstacle Course. The boys struggled to keep their balance, crawled under a net, spilled water and were wrecked at the end! We then threw javelin, excelled at the Cross Bar Challenge, played Dodge Ball and had a great laugh at the Novelty Events. We finished with the really interesting game of Pelmanism and really enjoyed the Orienteering! What a great day! There were some seriously tired bodies at the end of the day. Well done to all the boys who took part with such great gusto, well done to all our teachers for organising such a fun and active and yet relaxed event. Thank you so much to our Parents, so many of whom helped out on the day and a special well done and thank you to Ms. O’Sullivan who did an amazing job at organising the entire day! Maith thú!