Mount Sion’s Cultural Day

Cultural Diversity Celebrated at Mount Sion Primary School.

Mount Sion is an Irish school of the 21st century. Our pupils or their families come from many different places throughout the world. Yet the most important thing for us is that our boys are seen first and foremost as Mount Sion boys. Mount Sion makes us all equal, it gives every boy the same chance and every boy receives the same encouragement to become the best he can be.
In becoming the best we can be we need to look at the world inside our classrooms and understand each other. This year we celebrated culture in our school. The culture of the way we work and have fun together, the way we care for each other and the way we believe in each other. We celebrated the cultures we bring into our school from our homes. In our classes we looked at different aspects of culture such as storytelling, art, music, food, dress and language.
We studied the cultural backgrounds of the boys in our classes over a number of weeks and we then finished with a great day of celebration in the school hall on Friday 14th March. We danced, we sang, we told stories and we eat foods from many different countries. It opened our eyes to the ways in which we live our lives, in some ways the same and in some ways different. Our celebration of culture reminded us that even though we as a school are made up of families which come from 29 different countries, we get on well together as one group of boys working and playing to the best of our abilities.